In this world, which seems at once to be too complex, and all too clear, art has been where I and many like me go to find solace, to reflect, and to communicate. 

Living often feels a cyclical process which goes something like this: 

-interact with the world until a certain state is reached.

-remove oneself to consider the events that have transpired.


In this removal, lessons are learned, and art is produced. 

Collecting the art of those around me, has enriched my life beyond the prior bounds my imagination. Collecting is like surrounding oneself with the truths that have mattered most to the artists you find. In this way, the making of, collecting of, and sharing of art is a conversation— A conversation which can take place at a global scale, rather than that of normal discussions. I don’t know about you, but for me, as galleries close down and everything goes digital, it has become harder and harder to find art I like. This shop then, is me scratching my own itch— making the sort of stuff I’d like to see more accessible.

Here, you will find art made by me as well as art made in conjunction with some people who are very dear to me. The considerations here tend to span the board, but the common thread of inquiry is our relationship to nature, the cosmos, ourselves, and each other— where and how those relationships might become separated or enriched. 

It is my pleasure now to share some of myself and my friends with you.